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Season 1
“Let’s talk about it” is a space for discussion about forthcoming changes and how they affect both consumers and producers. More and more we are realizing that current economic models are not sustainable in the long-term. That’s why we must work together on innovations and creating new structures. Such a transition requires thoughtful discourse, exploring creative solutions and cooperation at every level. We have to discuss it. “Let’s talk about it” gives us the space to do so.

ORLEN Unipetrol​ is introducing “Let’s talk about it”- a series of interviews with experts and innovators about sustainability trends. “Let’s talk about it” is a place for sharing perspectives, exploring new ideas and having an authentic discussion about the future. 

Alan Thomas

How is the sustainability debate impacting the packaging industry? And what changes are coming with Generation Z? Watch the newest episode of “Let’s talk about it” with Alan Thomas from ...

Vladimír Kočí

Do you think that your everyday actions can’t have a real impact on the environment? You are in for a surprise! This time on “Let’s talk about it”, Michael invites Vladimír Kočí, ...

Carina Sundqvist

Global economic models are steadily shifting in a circular direction, setting off alarm bells for some traditionally linear businesses. But this doesn’t have to mean the end. ...

Michal Babič

At first glance, recycling plastic may seem like the ideal solution. But is it always? This time on “Let’s talk about it”, polymer specialist Michal Babič stops by to discuss the complexities, offer alternatives...

Alexander Golberg

Can seaweed based polymers replace traditional plastics? Dr. Alexander Golberg from Tel Aviv University stops by “Let’s talk about it” to give more insight about seaweed based bioplastics and discuss...

Cyril Klepek

A successful circular economy heavily relies on shifting our perspectives to seeing waste as a resource. But does it work in practice? Cyril Klepek stops by to discuss why such a transition is necessary, ...

Anna Du

At only 12 years old, Ann Du invented a robot to detect microplastics in our oceans. On this episode of “Let’s talk about it”, Michael sits down with Anna to find out where the idea for her robot began,...

Petra Innemanová​​

Bioplastics sound like a dream come true. Something that’s “bio” can’t hurt the environment, right? Not necessarily! Dr. Petra Innemanová from Charles University stops by to clear up confusion about...


Aleš Doucek​​

Some have labeled hydrogen as the fuel of the future. But is it? And what obstacles stand in the way of a full-fledged hydrogen economy takeover? Aleš Doucek from the Czech Hydrogen ...


​Josef Jančář

Is the polymer age coming to an end? Prof. Josef Jančář from VUT Brno comes by to discuss both opportunities and innovative solutions plastics have brought us, while acknowledging the challenges that come along with them...


​​Vojtěch Vosecký

Undergoing major transformation comes with facing challenges, recognizing weaknesses and creating new solutions. Transitioning from a linear to a circular economy is no different. On this episode, Michael invites Vojtěch Vosecký...


Lukáš Sedláček

On this episode of “Let’s talk about it”, Lukáš Sedláček, founder of the European Leadership Academic Institute ( , comes by to discuss the power of stories to inspire change and drive innovation.


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