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Every year, we spend more than a billion crowns on environmental, health and work safety. We are continuously modernising our production, optimising energy intensity, reducing the volume of emissions and waste materials and, in cooperation with the Czech Ministry of Finance, eliminating old environmental liabilities. Over the last ten years, the volume of our emissions into waste water has already dropped by 83%, and the volume of emissions into the air by 70%.

Responsible Business in Chemistry (Responsible Care)

Environmental protection and a responsible approach are two of our priorities. In 1999, we signed up for the worldwide Responsible Business in Chemistry (Responsible Care) programme. We have repeatedly renewed our commitments resulting from the implementation of the programme and the Chemical Industry Association (SCHP ČR) has repeatedly given us the right to use the programme logo. Reports on our implementation of Responsible Care are discussed annually with representatives of trade unions and the  local and regional authorities.


We are committed to comply with the requirements of compliance regulations, codes and legal requirements and we are approved to the following standards​:

Joint Report on Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection

Detailed information on the status and development of the environmental impact of the Group's activities is published annually in Unipetrol's Joint Report on Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection (until 2006 entitled the Joint Environmental Report). A list of all the reports is shown on the right of this page.
Representatives of the Unipetrol Group also inform the public about the impact of individual plants on the surrounding environment at meetings of the municipal councils of neighbouring towns. We also organise Open Days and meetings with mayors of the region, where we also inform people about our environmental activities.

Cooperation with the Most and Kralupy nad Vltavou Environmental Centres

Environmental protection and citizens' awareness in the regions of our refineries are also implemented in cooperation with the Environmental Centre in Most  and the Environmental Centre in Kralupy nad Vltavou. Their activities with the support of our group date back to 2000. The mission of both centres is the active and objective provision of information on the environment and the settlement of complaints from the public, including environmental education.
Most Environmental Centre:
Kralupy nad Vltavou Environmental Centre:

Stocking the Bílina and Elbe Rivers with Fish

In cooperation with local fishermen, we fund the periodic releasing of fish into the Bílina and Elbe rivers. Working with North Bohemian fishermen, since 2010 we have released eight tons of original fish species into the Bílina’s waters to a total value of 700 thousand crowns. Since 2013, the fishermen have released over 2,000 kg of fish ino the Elbe River.

Taking care of Peregrine Falcon

Alongside the Alka Wildlife association, we care for peregrine falcons which nest in the production facilities in Litvínov, Kralupy and Neratovice. Currently, two nesting boxes are located on the chimneys of the heating plant and the ethylene unit. 
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Falcons in Unipetrol

Taking Care of the Bees and Bottling Honey in Spolana Neratovice

At our subsidiary, Spolana Neratovice, we not only care about environmental protection but also support its development. The area surrounding the production site, especially the clearing tank, is a sought-after haven for many protected and endangered animal species. The presence of the Eurasian otter, Eurasian teal, common kingfisher and river trout, i.e. animals highly sensitive to the quality of the environment, confirms the cleanliness of the site. Since 2018, we have looked after our bee hives located on the site of the old chocolate and saccharin production site and regularly bottle flower honey of excellent quality, as confirmed by tests run by the accredited laboratory of the Bee Research Institute.
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