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Byznys pro společnost, a platform for responsible and sustainable business, has awarded the title of a TOP Responsible Company of the Year to 25 companies all over the Czech Republic. In the separate Environment category, the first place went to the refining and petrochemical ORLEN Unipetrol Group. It succeeded with its project of chemical waste recycling, which serves for its repeated use based on the circular economy principles.

​​​​​​ORLEN Unipetrol 2030 strategy

OUR DEFINITION of sustainability
ORLEN Unipetrol is a responsible guardian of natural resources bestowed to the humankind. Our mission is to fuel the future and innovations by providing energy for transport and high-quality polymers. We are the leader of energy transformation towards the sustainability based on low-carbon and circular economy principles. We adhere to the highest standards of environmental protection, and process and personal safety. We serve our clients with high value-adding products, services and solutions. We conduct our business in a manner considerate to all our stakeholders, partners, employees, society and the environment.

Strategic development plan

Our CSR APPROACH – support of activities in 4 areas:





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