ORLEN Unipetrol is testing chemical recycling of waste plastics

13-05-2021 |

ORLEN Unipetrol has commissioned a pyrolytic testing unit for waste-plastics processing at its chemical plant in Litvínov. It will explore the possibilities of chemical plastic recycling and its potential implementation... ... more »

Peregrine falcons at ORLEN Unipetrol have started their spring season. Watch their nesting and hatching of their young online

20-04-2021 |

Peregrine falcons are breeding at ORLEN Unipetrol production sites and are expecting chicks this year as well. People interested in their nesting can watch it online on three cameras on the website. ... more »

ORLEN Unipetrol labs test fuels, wastewater quality or noise and lighting intensity

12-04-2021 |

Laboratory testing is a vital part of the manufacturing and operating process at the refining and petrochemical group ORLEN Unipetrol. The Group uses the laboratories for internal testing of products or operating conditions and external entities’ needs. ... more »

“Fulfilled Wishes” initiative raised almost CZK 600,000 for seven organisations across the country

25-03-2021 |

Care-home clients will get a portable lifting device; the disabled will receive rehabilitation aids, and children from the children’s home will enjoy a recreational stay. ... more »




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