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Responsible Employer
We are aware that creating a friendly working environment that is also safe is key to our successful growth. We ensure fair working conditions for our employees, support their development and help them balance their personal, career and social life. We want to help those who are interested in contributing to the whole group’s positive development


We provide all employees with a transparent remuneration system, including a range of benefits to support work-life balance. Our main goal is to develop the employer’s prosperity while meeting all employees’ growing needs and interests. We aim at fair remuneration and increasing employee motivation. Our equal pay principles are enshrined in the collective agreement, which sets out clear rules on our approach regardless of gender, age, colour, sexual orientation, language, belief and religion. We are neutral with regard to political or other opinions, membership of political parties or political movements, trade unions and other associations. We do not accept any form of discrimination and bullying, including harassment, intimidation or humiliation. We respect compliance with the principle of equal pay and working conditions for equal or equivalent work, which we strive to achieve.

Health and Safety

Health and safety, not only in our facilities, but also in the regions where we operate, is our top priority. It is important to us that people can contact us at any time to provide feedback. Only respectful cooperation can be essential for the success of short- and long-term projects. The main objective in terms of safety is to continuously improve processes, personal safety, hazard assessments and risk analyses, technical safety, fire prevention and the transport of hazardous goods. We are developing these directions into sub-activities.

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