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It is essential for us to have constructive and respectful communication with our internal and external stakeholders. We place great emphasis on regular exchanges of information with stakeholders to learn about their views and concerns, and we communicate transparently about our activities. This helps us to mitigate the potential for risk early on or to take advantage of opportunities for collaboration. 

A basic prerequisite for providing our best products is to work with reliable, competitive and proven suppliers. We work to promote respect for human rights and reduce environmental impacts in our supply chain. We share the Code of Conduct for ORLEN Group Suppliers with everyone and integrate all its sustainability-related elements into our supply chain management, purchasing processes and systems. We clearly unify our values and principles of behaviour in the Code of Ethics​.

Internal and External Stakeholders

​Business Environment ​Customers
Government, local authorities and regulators
Business partners
Professional associations and organisations​
Capital markets and creditors
Social Environment ​Local communities
Trade unions
Potential employees
Scientific and research organisations
Czech-Polish organisations​
​Internal Environment​ ​Employees
Trade unions
Relations with Suppliers

We train employees of other organisations on the rules and regulations applicable to our company. We conduct training once a year for all their employees who work for a company on our premises. The training of other organisations’ employees also serves as entry training to the Chempark Záluží site in Litvínov and the Chemical Production Area in Kralupy nad Vltavou. Employees attend the training sessions in person, and after the training is completed we issue a permanent access card to other organisations’ employees who present a valid attendance sheet from the training.


Double materiality

To help with the substantive objectives, we conducted a double materiality assessment. This enabled us to identify the most important sustainability issues for our business. Given the trends in recent years and the overall rise in the importance of sustainability, we want to manage our environmental impact through proactive and innovative projects. We are working on being a competitive company and an attractive employer in the future. Our partners’ needs and expectations help us set the right direction for our future initiatives. We use established communication channels to conduct stakeholder dialogues and have also implemented additional dialogues.​

​​ ESG Impacts, Risks & Opportunities​​​​

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