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ORLEN Skylight Accelerator
ORLEN Unipetrol's innovation activities are our response to the challenges related to the global energy transformation towards sustainable development, decarbonisation and digitalisation. With these challenges in the mind, our R&D centre is now newly complemented by the ORLEN Skylight Accelerator. Through it, we seek out startups and young technology companies in the Czech Republic and abroad whose products and services offer solutions to our current business challenges. We are currently looking for technology solutions in the following business areas:

Challenges for the 11th round ORLEN Skylight Accelerator

We are starting a new recruitment process for the ORLEN Skylight Accelerator programme

We are looking for startups and young technology companies from the Czech Republic and abroad to help us solve 21 technological and business challenges across these 7 categories:

Applications for the accelerator programme are open until 28th of July 2024.

Our offer includes:

Pilot project


Funding for
pilot projects

​Testing and extension
of you​r solution in our insfrastructure
​Opportunity to start
business cooperation
after the completion of
the acceleration program.
Provision of funding
​for the development
of your technology.
Sharing our know-how and providing access to our experts and the entire innovation ecosystem.​

Acceleration process

The selection process for joining the Accelerator Program is ongoing, with technology calls updated every 2 months.

The acceleration process takes in average six to eight months and is divided into three phases:

  1. ​​​​​Presentin​g your solution to the problem
  2. Signing the contract
  3. ​Launching the pilot project

If your startup has a relevant and interesting solution to a current business challenge and you are looking for a business partner with whom you want to co-develop and scale up your technology, join our program. ​Click the button below for the registration form and information about the current challenges:


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