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Stock information
Name UNIPETROL, a.s.
Class ordinary share
ISIN CZ0009091500
Type bearer share
Form dematerialised security
Currency CZK
Nominal value CZK 100
Number of shares 181,334,764
Total issue CZK 18,133,476,400
Tradability listed security (Burza cenných papírů Praha, a .s . [Prague Stock Exchange], the Prime Market)


UNIPETROL, a .s. shares are traded on the Prime Market of Burza cenných papírů Praha, a.s. [Prague Stock Exchange] and in RM-SYSTÉM, a.s.

The extent of the voting rights of each shareholder is defined by the number of shares held, one share with a nominal value of CZK 100 being equal to one vote. All shares of the issuer therefore carry the same voting rights.

A shareholder is entitled to a share of the company’s profit (dividend) that the General Meeting has approved for distribution depending on the company’s results. The dividend is defined as the ratio of the nominal value of the shares held by a shareholder and the total nominal value of the shares held by all shareholders as of the record date.

If the company is liquidated, each shareholder is entitled to a share of the proceeds from liquidation. The amount of the proceeds from liquidation shall be calculated in the same manner as the amount of the shareholder’s dividend.

Shares carry rights to take part in the management of the company. Shareholders may only exercise this right at the General Meetings, provided that they observe the rules governing the organisation of General Meetings. Shareholders are entitled to take part in General Meetings, vote at General Meetings, request and receive explanation of any matters concerning the company where explanation is necessary for assessing a point on the agenda of the General Meeting, and raise proposals and counter-proposals.

The right to receive dividends is separately transferable starting from the date on which the General Meeting decided on the payment of dividends.


Articles of Association


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